Our goal is to make a movie filled with content, which shows all the important moments and is not too long and boring to watch. A unique and exclusive movie, which tells the story of your wedding day. We do not want to talk much about our filming equipment (we use the latest and state of the art DSLR and Mirrorless cameras), things that is not so important to you. The most important thing for you is that you will have a movie, which captioned the most special moments, emotions, joys and tears of your special day and that you can relive it all over again every time you watch it. A true piece of art and treasure for you, your family and the generations to come.

When the wedding day comes, I prefer to start with the getting ready scenes of the bride and groom. We shoot and film all the following actions like a documentary, as they happen with almost no intervention from our side. After the festive moment of cutting the wedding cake, our work is normally done. But we can stay longer of course, when you feel the need.