Regardless of the equipment we use when filming a wedding, creativity and dedication are the components which allows us to use all those supporting tools in the best possible way to make the best memory for all of our clients. We always film everything documentary, without much intervention on our part. In most cases, your guests won’t even know you had videographers. It is best to record everything as it really happened during the day. We carefully select and connect the frames and make a film in the end. When it comes to the main wedding film, our goal is to make a unique film, which is not long and boring, but consists of important content and highlights the most important moments. Each frame in the film is carefully selected, edited and subsequently processed. Such an approach to filming weddings is much more demanding and requires a lot of preparation and organization.

We believe you are not that interested in our equipment, so we won’t talk much about it, we have professional and the latest Mirrorless equipment, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you can experience the emotions of that day every time you watch your wedding film. In short, we want to make your film become a unique memory for your family which will be as beautiful and relevant in 50 years as it is today. We are available until the cake cutting, and longer if necessary. If you are calculating whether 12 hours will be enough to cover all the essential segments of your wedding, don’t! We never looked at the clock and left when the clock rang on the 12th hour of our booking, so if the party is at its peak and the end is not near, we will continue to film!