Why not to choose me:

I don’t like cold, emotionless and dishonest people who tell me what we should do, even before we share the given moment together as collaborators. Work that is just done, pro forma, because someone told you to do it, someone expects of you this or that.I am not that kind of photographer, who will say „Now look at me“, „put your hands here“, or „put your feet there“, etc. That is not bad work, you have a lot of professionals who do excellent work like that. It is just not my style.If you prefer doing photos like that then maybe I am not the right person for you and you can refer to some of my colleagues, who nurture the classical photography. Do not get me wrong, of course will there be photos where I tell you how to pose or if you have special wishes for various poses, we will make sure to fulfill your wishes. However, 90% of our work is based on spontaneous photography. For the beginning I think that it is important, that you get a picture of us and how we do the things we do, so that you can immediately conclude, if we share the same chemistry and humor.I do not want my work just to be plain and strict work. With a relaxed working atmosphere, we all thrive and become the best of us. From the very start I like to be honest to my clients, so that it feels almost like coming home when we meet in person.Nonetheless, we are sharing the most important day with you and you have to feel comfortable and relaxed with us.

Are you looking for a photographer and videographer that will capture you and your day individually and uniquely? With all your emotions and the small and big moments? Then you could find us with us!

It is a matter of the heart that you put quality on your big day also with the pictures. After all, your feast of love should also be captured perfectly. A wedding is made up of more than just the wedding ceremony and the couple photos. All the wonderful moments are spread from finishing before the wedding to the first dance in the evening. (There will be some wild dance moments in the night until the early morning ..) In order not to miss any of these moments full of happiness, tension, tears of joy and love, we always accompany you. Our perspective combine to create an emotionally charged, beautiful reportage in which you can dive into your love and your happiness again and again, even after many years. And this love story can then be experienced even your children and grandchildren.



I love to travel and my biggest wish is to explore the world travelling,
making new friends, and captioning it all with my camera,
to keep the memories.


Our goal is to make a movie filled with content, which shows all the important moments and is not too long and boring to watch. A unique and exclusive movie, which tells the story of your wedding day. We do not want to talk much about our filming equipment (we use the latest and state of the art DSLR and Mirrorless cameras), things that is not so important to you. The most important thing for you is that you will have a movie, which captioned the most special moments, emotions, joys and tears of your special day and that you can relive it all over again every time you watch it. A true piece of art and treasure for you, your family and the generations to come.

When the wedding day comes, I prefer to start with the getting ready scenes of the bride and groom. We shoot and film all the following actions like a documentary, as they happen with almost no intervention from our side. After the festive moment of cutting the wedding cake, our work is normally done. But we can stay longer of course, when you feel the need.